Eric J. Scholljegerdes

Image of Eric J. Scholljegerdes

Title: Professor of Animal Science
Major Field of Interest: Ruminant Nutrition
Office Phone: 575-646-1750
Office Location: Knox Hall 218

B.S. University of Missouri-Columbia, 1998
M.S. University of Wyoming, 2001
Ph.D. University of Wyoming, 2005

Courses Taught:
ANSC 426 Beef Production Cow/Calf
ANSC 484 Ruminant Nutrition
ANSC 510 Range Nutrition Techniques
ANSC 515 Graduate Seminar
ANSC 521 Advanced Nutritional Management II: Cow/Calf
ANSC 698 Special Research Programs

Investigation of strategic supplementation strategies that improve the use of forages by ruminants. Other interests include the development of supplements which provide key nutrients at critical times of the production cycle to improve reproduction and growth.