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Welcome to NMSU Meat Science!

We offer teaching, research, extension, and judging opportunities for students, producers, and stakeholders.

Students interested in following a career in the food and meat industry have the opportunity to enroll through the Departments of Animal and Range Sciences (ANRS), in the Animal Science degree, or through the Family and Consumer Sciences Department (FCS) in the Food Science and Technology degree program.

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For more information, please contact Dr. Francine Mezzomo Giotto at; 575-646-2492


Meet the Team

Francine Mezzomo Giotto

Francine Mezzomo Giotto is the Meat Science assistant professor at NMSU. She holds a joint appointment serving the departments of Animal and Range Science, Family and Consumer Sciences, and Extension Animal Science and Natural Resources.  Francine grew up in Brazil and inspired by her father, who worked for a food-processing company, and her mother, who was an agricultural educator, decided to attend Veterinary School. Upon receiving her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree, she completed a master's and a Ph.D. in Animal Production. In 2018, Francine moved to the United States to work on her second Ph.D. this time with an emphasis in Meat Industry and Food Safety.  Before joining NMSU in June 2023, she taught in Nevada and Louisiana while also engaging in 4-H and FFA meat, poultry, and livestock judging team activities. Dr. Giotto's research agenda focuses on meat safety with a focus on E. coli and Salmonella-contaminated beef and the conversion and valorization of meat processing waste into value-added products. 

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Jacob Painter

Jacob Painter is the meat lab manager and head coach of the New Mexico State University Meat Judging Team. He grew up in Northwest New Mexico raising livestock to compete in junior livestock shows and judging on 4H and FFA meats and livestock judging teams. He chose to attend college in Texas as no universities in New Mexico offered collegiate judging opportunities at that time. He attended South Plains College where he judged livestock before transferring to Angelo State University where he competed in collegiate meat judging while earning a degree in Food, Animal Science, and Marketing.

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Faculty / Coach Collaborator:

Craig Painter

Craig Painter is the new livestock judging coach at New Mexico State University. He grew up in Northwest New Mexico and has over 35 years of agriculture education experience serving as both a 4-H Agent and Agriculture Teacher at the high school level. Craig trained and prepared countless students to compete in meat evaluation contests at the local, state, and national levels. He has been the New Mexico State FFA meat judging contest superintendent for the past eight years and was responsible for the state 4-H meat judging contest while serving as the 4-H Agriculture and Natural Resources State Specialist. He currently serves as the Livestock Superintendent for the National Western Round-up in Denver.

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Course Information

Spring Semester:
ANSC 360 – Meat and Muscle Biology
FSTE 425 – Sensory Evaluation of Foods and Product Development

Fall Semester:
ANSC 2310 – Introduction to Meat Science
FSTE 490 – Processed Meats


Our research agenda focuses on:

  • Antimicrobial resistance in Agri-Food chain
  • Meat Safety with a focus on E. coli and Salmonella-contaminated beef
  • Conversion and valorization of meat processing waste into value-added products

Research Collaborators:

Publications (Selected):

Meat Judging

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For more information, please contact Jacob Painter at; 575-646-2514 

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