Animal Science Undergraduate

Animal Science

If you are interested in a career working with animals, then a degree in Animal Science is undoubtedly for you. Undergraduate programs in the Department of Animal & Range Sciences are designed to offer a wide array of courses aimed at providing experience, both technical and practical, in the many facets of animal production, management and marketing. The curriculum is career oriented and seeks to train individuals for meaningful employment in the animal agriculture industry.

Courses Offered

The animal science faculty are highly trained and specialize in many varied aspects of the animal science industry. The faculty are dedicated to high quality instruction and scientific endeavors that provide real-world solutions for the industry. Students benefit from the extensive scientific and practical experience of the diverse faculty.

Extracurricular Activities

Faculty recognize the importance of total student immersion into their chosen field of study. In order to have the complete college experience while networking important relationships for their future career, students should become involved in extracurricular activities that excite them. Tour the Animal Science Facilities.

Animal Science Options

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Industry Option

The industry option includes coursework that prepares you for work in many facets of the livestock industry, such as livestock production on farms and ranches, the meat industry, the feed industry, livestock breed associations, and livestock publications.

Science Option

The science option provides you with a strong background in technical science and prepares you for advanced studies. The curriculum will qualify you to apply to professional schools such as graduate school or veterinary school.

Minors in Animal Science

Animal science offers several minors to allow students the opportunity to specialize their education with the area that most interests them. In addition to general animal science, students can specialize in companion animal or equine science.